Homebound Ministry


United States

The homebound ministry is provided to the homebound people in our parish. Our precious souls that are unable to attend services are blessed by visits from our Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist, and to have Jesus brought to them to sustain and heal their bodies and souls.

Some of our lay ministers, that is parishioners who serve as Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist in the Mass on the weekend, volunteer to bring communion to 1-2 persons a week, in their home. These lay ministers provide communion during the week or weekend to provide the Eucharist that would normally be received at the Sunday Mass.

Our parish priests and deacon bring communion to our homebound parishioners, 7 times per year around the time of the Holy Days including Immaculate Conception, Christmas, Ash Wednesday (Ashes and communion), Easter, Ascension, Assumption of Mary, and All Saints Day. This visit is in addition to the weekly visits provided by the lay ministers during the week.

If you are a new mother, have experienced an injury preventing you from attending Mass, are sick or recovering from a surgery or hospitalization or cannot attend Mass on Sundays for any reason and wish to receive the Eucharist or a pastoral visit, please contact the church office at 318-445-3693.