Domestic Church

OLPS Domestic Church


United States

Marriage Enrichment

Domestic Church provides long term support and formation for Sacramentally married couples who want to grow in holiness together as a couple.  What began in Poland over forty years ago with the guidance and support of St. John Paul II is now available for English speaking couples here in the U.S.  Although we know that true holiness is supposedly possible within the midst of the daily demands of marriage and parenthood, it can be very difficult to know how to access it and take advantage of the fact that marriage is a Sacrament.  Domestic Church gives couples and families real, concrete help for tapping into what God has in store for us in the blessed vocation of marriage. 

Interested couples should attend a Domestic Church retreat,and may consider joining a follow up program (or Circle) comprised of 5-6 couples and a priest, who meet monthly for fellowship, formation and prayer time. There are currently 4 circles in the Alexandria area.   For more information, contact Jenay Franco at (337)258-4155 or check out