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Do you help with a ministry that is having a meeting or an event coming up? Would you like to let others know what is happening? We can help you spread the word.  The first thing to do is get permission for your event at the church or school. Then get the details in order and better yet, create a flyer or graphic image. We will do the rest. Would you like to promote your event in one of the following ways?

  1. The “Look what’s Happening Flocknote”
  2. Weekly church bulletin
  3. The official church Facebook
  4. The official church Instagram
  5. An insert in the bulletin
  6. Announcements in Mass
  7. Flyers on the Campus


If you will be using a room on campus, please be sure to complete the Room Set Up Form so we can have everything ready for you. If you have audio visual needs, be sure to complete that form as well.
If you have any marketing questions, feel free to call Renee Aldridge at 318-542-1966.
If you have room set up and audio visual needs, please call Margaret at 318-445-3693.
If you have special needs or requests, please contact Mary Floyd at 318-445-9748 ext 201.