Adult Faith Formation


United States

The mission of the S&E Commission is to inform, educate, motivate and support parishioners in their efforts to grow spiritually. It’s that simple. We currently sponsor the monthly “Adult Faith Formation” program held in the DPC the 2nd Thursday of each month. We recruit speakers from inside and outside OLPS Parish to present at the sessions on topics that people want to hear, such as Confession, Purgatory, the Saints, annulments and much more. There is time for questions and discussion afterwards.  The commission arranges for our Lenten mission as well.  These are usually 2 to 3 night events that are meant to inspire and engage parishioners in their Lenten experience. If you look in the back of the church, you’ll also find a kiosk full of informative CD’s, DVD’s and books. Our commission organizes and maintains that spiritual resource too. Contact Robbie LaBorde at 318-443-3399 if you’d like to participate on the commission or if you have ideas on what spiritual offerings we could include in upcoming events.