We Should NEVER Take A Vacation From God

We Should NEVER Take A Vacation From God

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Once again, we are entering the time of the year for change. For many, summer no longer means rest for us and our families; there is an abundance of ball games, camps, and other activities – not to mention family vacations.

But for most, summer is still time for a change of pace. It’s a time to break out of the routine and do something different with our time, our energy and our resources. A change of routine is good; otherwise we get stuck in a rut.

The different perspective that summer brings is good for us not only physically and psychologically, but spiritually as well. Too much of the “same old same old” can put us in a spiritual rut, where our prayer becomes dry and we can get the idea that God no longer wants to speak to us through our prayer.

God is always there, even when he seems to be absent in prayer, but a change of pace can help us to recognize and hear God’s voice more clearly. As you know, prayer is not just talking to God. It is also listening to God in our hearts. God wants to tell us each day how much he loves us. It is only from a place of knowing God’s personal love for us that we can then love and serve God and others.

Summer is also a great time to do some spiritual reading. How about starting with the best book of all – the Bible? Mark’s Gospel is the shortest and most concise of the four Gospels. Read a few verses each day and let it settle in your spirit. Let Jesus speak to you through the Sacred Scripture.

The children get out of their school-year routines as well, but it’s important to keep them in a routine of regular prayer – before meals, at bedtime, whenever is a good time for you to pray with them. Remember to have them mention the people and things for which they are thankful, and those for whom they would like to pray and ask God to bless.

Do the kids have free time and get “bored” during the summer? If possible, encourage and help them to assist a volunteer organization or a neighbor. Giving of themselves provides positive self-esteem and builds an attitude of service that can carry over into their adult years.

Obviously, the point I’m trying to make is that during summer we can and should take a vacation, but we should never take a “vacation” from God. God wants to be a vital – in fact, indispensable – part of our lives each day, no matter the season or activity in which we are involved. Take God with you – to the ballpark, to the beach, to summer camp.

If we do, we’ll enjoy our tine of relaxation more. When we return to school-year activities in the fall, we’ll be more prepared to get back to the routine and bring God more easily into that routine.

God is with us every day of our lives to show us His love, mercy and salvation. Let’s keep him with us each day of this summertime to show our gratitude and seek his grace!

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