Our task is to maintain what we have received

Our task is to maintain what we have received

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Fr. Dan O'Connor

I ran across a definition of our parish’s mission the other day. It was a definition I recognized as one I had written, probably about 10 years ago.

This definition came at the end of a history of OLPS parish – a summary that outlined all that has been accomplished by our parishioners over our now 69 years, and about the many religious vocations that have come from our parish family – priests and Divine Providence sisters (and now we can add permanent deacons).

The last sentence of this history read, “Those who have preceded us have left us a wonderful foundation in faith, good example and hard work. Our task is to maintain what we have received from them.”

Ten years ago, I believed our task at OLPS was indeed to maintain and solidify what had been received from previous generations – our parents and grandparents who built our parish and parochial school. Recently, though, I have been thinking and praying about how we must do more than simply maintain. We are called to GROW on that foundation of faith handed on to us.

This fall, we are beginning an initiative to pray in a deeper way for our parish, to grow our faith and to reach out to help others come into our parish family and grow their faith. Maintenance is no longer enough. The Lord is calling us to be disciples with a MISSION to share our faith with others.

I can’t say I know just yet how this will all work itself out. The first step is to pray for our parish and school in a new and more intentional way. That’s what I’m asking you, our parishioners, to do. It doesn’t matter how you pray – daily Mass once or more a week, the rosary, Adoration, Sacred Scripture, a few minutes a day of silent meditation – whatever works for you. What matters is THAT you pray every day for OLPS.

This initiative is coinciding with our annual reminder of stewardship (being good caretakers of God’s gifts of time, talent and treasure) and also of a message from our Communications Commission. The latter has uncovered a way to communicate better with our parishioners and hopefully to keep contact information updated. In this way, those who want to be kept informed of what is happening in the parish will find that happening more smoothly.

In addition, it will be easier to plug in to different ministries and services for those who want to be involved and get to know their fellow parishioners a little better.

A new school year calls for a fresh start and new ways to be involved in our relationship with Jesus. Our staff and volunteers at OLPS Church and School want to assist in that involvement and make it as rewarding as possible.

Please pray each day for the beginning of this new mission and stay tuned as the Lord continues to lead us.

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