Community Service

Applies the teachings of Christ to the problems of society and enables the parish to be an agent of service within and outside the parish.

Contact Person: Jennifer Stevens

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Blood Drives
Publicizes quarterly blood drives for the community.

Catholic Daughters
Catholic laywomen’s organization which prays for and volunteers to assist the Church and other charities which serve the poor.

Disaster Relief Team
Ministers to those affected by disasters who seek refuge in our community as well as providing aid to other communities in need.

Food Donation
Delivers parish food donations to community agencies who serve needy families.

Good Samaritan Ministry
Persons willing to offer one morning per month to assist elderly or needy parishioners with needed chores or repairs.

Group made up of persons from various denominations, races and socio-economic strata building relationships of trust and communication to work for the betterment of the community.

Knights of Columbus
Catholic fraternal organization that supports the work of the Church and the parish.

Letter-Writing Ministry
Writes notes of support to the sick and the bereaved.

Manna House
Schedules parishioners willing to serve at local food kitchen.

Prayer Line
Prays for intentions requested by parishioners.

Prison Ministry
Ministers who bring Catholic teaching, presence and concern to incarcerated Catholics.